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Water Serpent, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff AZ, 2023

Water Serpent is a collaborative long-term project devoted to exploring and celebrating groundwater and springs—the singular places where groundwater reaches the Earth’s surface. Springs ecologist Dr. Larry Stevens and I are merging artistic invention, scientific research and Native American knowledge to create a compelling vision of springs and groundwater as biological, evolutionary, cultural, artistic, spiritual resources.

This three-part installation at the Museum of Northern Arizona creates connections between an indoor installation, representing the underground aspect of springs, an outdoor installation, representing the above-ground aspect of springs, and the removal of an old dam and restoration of the historic San Francisco Spring on the museum grounds.

Dr. Stevens is founder and director of Springs Stewardship Institute, a global initiative of Museum of Northern Arizona that surveys, rehabilitates and stewards springs systems. //

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Indoor installation of Water Serpent in progress: epoxied canvas panels stacked into a dome that people will be able to enter; video projections above and below evoke the movement of water and the feeling of being underground.
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