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“The translucence of rawhide is exploited to good effect…Driscoll plays off the organic aspects of the skins by combining them with hard-edged contemporary materials…Depending on whether she uses or conceals the beauties of rawhide, her work ranges from visually luscious to grotesque.”

Marty Carlock, exhibition review of solo exhibition, Natural Light, Boston Sculptors Gallery, 2010, in Sculpture, October, 2011

“Organic clashes with manmade in Rosalyn Driscoll’s sculptures…’Anatta‘ is the most disturbing piece, a rusty steel case fitted with glass shelves upon which a human form takes shape in rawhide: crumpled head, splayed arms, the cup of a pelvis…this sculpture is indeed a confrontation with emptiness.”

Cate McQuaid, Confronting Emptiness, review of solo exhibition, Natural Light, Boston Sculptors Gallery, in the Boston Globe, November 24, 2010

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