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“The rawhide is translucent and golden, honeyed and haunting. Shaped to form glowing organic enclosures, these shells appear to simultaneously express both eerie feelings and act as safe cavity or cocoon. The creases formed are reminiscent of fallen petals, folding as organic monuments to the time of harvest, gently nudging these time-hardened hides into a sense of motion.”

Megan Dowie, excerpt from exhibition review of Generation, GV Art, London, in FAD, online journal, London, 2013,

“Driscoll’s maverick screens range from conch-like structures that approximate the folds and layers of intricate internal organs to shallow, circular winnowing baskets. Whether suspended in mid-air or presented on a glass plinth like a freshly abandoned giant chrysalis, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern whether Stehlíková’s ephemeral moving images are metamorphosing the still skin of Driscoll’s strange receptacles, or if the crevices, hue and irregular form of Driscoll’s sculptures are transforming the original content of Stehlíková’s film.”

Sarah Lester, excerpt from exhibition review of Generation, GV Art, London, in Journal of Wild Culture, online journal, London, 2013,

“The embodied and implicit tactility of the pieces seems to ooze – one is almost compelled to dive in, and yet, also repelled. The push and pull mimics the body as a site of both pleasure and pain…The spiralling forms in turn, draw the viewer into the private drama too – what was airy countryside has given way to an intensity of colouring and texture endowed by the hide. The residual honeyed scents of beeswax – used as an evocation of its talismanic function in the Eleusinian Myths – infuses the air with an intense sense of ritual and mystery. The loss of innocence and awakening of sexual experience permeates the room in every shadowy crevice.”

Francesca Goodwin, excerpt from exhibition review of Generation, GV Art, London, in Trebuchet, online journal, London, 2013,

Demi Barla, exhibition review of Generation, GV Art, London, in mongoosmagazine:

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