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how many times, interdisciplinary installation-performance
January 30, 2020, Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Barre, MA

Begun during an arts residency at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in January, 2019, the project was performed May 24-25 at the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, Northampton, MA, and after a week of rehearsal residency, at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in January, 2020.

This collaboration with dancer/choreographer Paul Matteson explores the notion that one is born not just once but many times, even within one’s lifetime. My sculptures and materials (rope, cloth and rawhide) generate conditions that Paul responds to and integrates into the dance. Each sculpture and material offers movement possibilities and limitations and suggests images, metaphors and associations, both visual and kinesthetic. My sculptures in turn are formed around his movements. The performance includes my drawing Paul as he moves. We integrate our understanding of Buddhist teachings into our process, our choices and our questions.

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