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I’m team-teaching a course for artists who are also Dharma practitioners, exploring our lives as artists as informed by Dharma teachings: Dharma and Art: A Whole Life Path, an online course with Gregory Kramer, Sherre Delys and Rosalyn Driscoll, Feb 7-April 17, 2021.

I’ve been instrumental in the development, design and teaching of courses that explore the dynamic relations between Dharma practice and creative art practice at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Barre, MA.

An invitational symposium in 2016 gathered scholars, teachers and artists to consider history, culture, creativity and ethics. The first course was an arts-practice residency led by Stephen Batchelor and Julie Puttgen in 2018. In 2019,  Sherre Delys and Rosalyn Driscoll organized and led a 6-month course, Dharma and Art: A Practice of Investigating Perception, with Taraniya Ambrosia and Enkyo O’Hara, in two residencies and 6 months of online sessions, June, 2018—January 2019.

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