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Breath and Matter 
Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA
July 18-August 12, 2018
First Friday reception and readings August 3, 5:30-8:30

The Boy in the Labyrinth was made in collaboration with poet Oliver de la Paz, whose forthcoming book, Labyrinths, inspired the sculpture. For this unique exhibition at Boston Sculptors Gallery, Breath and Matter, twenty-four poets and artists combine their voices to explore common ground shared by these two distinct forms of artistic expression. Murray Dewart, one of the gallery’s founding members, recently edited the anthology, Poems About Sculpture. In the foreword, Robert Pinsky asks, “What has art made of breath to do with an art made of matter?”

Labyrinth 1

The boy in the labyrinth holds a torch before him. He cannot see his shadow, which, behind him swims in a somnambulant glaze. Winds tighten around the boy’s body and his torch so that the universe lowers its eye to this den beneath the earth. Blossoms of fire flit from crevasses. The boy thinks, to be guided through the labyrinth is to be guided by bodies filling with light. The universe thinks, there are the stars. There and there and there.

–Oliver de la Paz

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