Visions/Visiones: Cuzco, Peru, January-February, 2014
The exhibition was in the Qorikancha, the historic center of the Inca empire. The Spanish built the Convent of Santo Domingo above Inca stone temples surrounding a large courtyard. Organized by Boston Sculptors Gallery member Nora Valdez, it showcased sculptures by members of BSG and Peruvian artists in the stunning open-to-the-air gallery. I made Rio, a site-responsive sculpture during the two-week residency in Cuzco.
Rio turned the arch of the Spanish colonial architecture upside-down, reflecting the forced fusion of cultures in Peru and Inca symbolism by sewing white tracing paper to black foil with black string in a lightning pattern. A golden string meanders across the field.
A drawing made of the same materials as the sculpture was part of the concurrent exhibition of drawings by the same group of artists, Transcripts/Transcripciones, at Galeria Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano del Cusco, curated by Jose Luis Morales Sierra.