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Video documentation of some of my projects can be seen on Vimeo:

Blindsight, 2015, an immersive, 4-channel sculptural installation made in collaboration with filmmaker Sarah Bliss ( shown at Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston.

Moving Water, 2014, participatory performance at October Gallery with artist-made vessels of water, made in collaboration with Tereza Stehlikova ( as members of Sensory Sites.

Poetics of Skin, 2012, Experimental collaboration with filmmaker Sarah Bliss

Second Skin, 2003-5, sculptural-video project shown at Brattleboro Museum, Museum of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

Video made of four of my tactile sculptures in 2008.

Member of Sensory Sites, an international artists collective based in London committed to making multisensory collaborative installations. (Just Under the Surface, Crypt Gallery, London, 2011, Generation, GV Art, London, 2013, Moving Water, London, 2014)

Member of Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Ave, Boston MA, since 2008, a landmark sculptors’ cooperative exhibiting members’ work for over twenty-five years.

Member of Encounter Contemporary, a critical arbiter of contemporary art in the UK, aiming to serve artist, gallery, collector and the visually curious, offering curatorial services, sales, exhibitions, consulting, publicity, marketing, leasing, sourcing and commissioning cutting edge contemporary art.

Member of Galerie Capazza, Nancay, France, which exhibits the works of 80 artists with international reputation, representing contemporary art in a range of disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, glass and ceramics in exceptionally beautiful, intimate galleries within a restored 17th century building located in the heart of the Sologne, close to the Loire Valley.

Sarah Bliss, a frequent collaborator, works in film, video, performance, photography, sound, installation, and sculpture; Bliss and Driscoll together received the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Sculpture and Installation for 2013 (Poetics of Skin, 2012); most recently we created Blindsight an immersive installation (Boston, 2015)

Tereza Stehlikova, a frequent collaborator, is a London-based Czech film-maker and founder of Sensory Sites. With Stehlikova, Driscoll co-created Moving Water (London, 2014), Generation (London, 2013), Every Mother and Every Daughter (London, 2012), Just Under the Surface (London, 2011)

Anais Tondeur, multi-media French artist based in Paris and London, is a fellow member of Sensory Sites and collaborator in Just Under the Surface (London, 2011) and Sensory Sites’ Moving Water (London, 2014)

Kay Syrad, poet, novelist, and art-writer, is a member of Sensory Sites. She investigates how material determines form, in writing itself and in the natural and built environments.

The Centre for the Study of the Senses is collaborating with Sensory Sites. CenSes, hosted by the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London, pioneers collaborative sensory research across disciplines, drawing on the work of philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists and anthropologists to develop a framework for a more comprehensive, integrated understanding of the senses. Rethinking the Senses is an AHRC-funded project of CenSes that investigates multisensory perception in everyday experiences.

GV Art is the UK’s leading contemporary art gallery that explores and acknowledges the relationship between art and science, and how the areas cross over and inform one another. The gallery curates exhibitions and events that stimulate a dialogue focused on how modern society interprets and understands the advances in both areas and how an overlap in the technological and the creative, the medical and the historical are paving the way for the development of new aesthetic sensibilities.

Conjured from Dust, a book of my poetry, includes images of my artwork, published by  Open Field Press, 2013, available through Small Press Distribution:

Christopher Lenaerts is Driscoll’s premier fabricator for 20+ years.

Institute for Human-Centered Design exhibits some of my tactile artwork,. IHCD is a Boston organization dedicated to promoting human-centered and adaptive design.

Frank Wilson is a neurologist, educator and author of The Hand, the best book on the hand and its co-evolution with the brain. Resources for those interested in hand use and its implications may be found on his website.

My research into tactile, haptic perception
I spent many years exploring tactile, embodied experience of art and making sculptures that can be explored through touch. I wrote a manuscript on the tactile perception of art, By the Light of the Body: The Somatic Senses in the Visual Arts, still in search of a publisher. In the meanwhile, the book can be accessed here by downloading these three pdfs:

Table of contents and preface

Part 1.The Visible Dimensions

Part 2.The Invisible Dimensions

Part 3. Implications and Applications