Dharma practice/Art practice

April 2016/June 2017
I participated in the development and production of a symposium at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, MA, 2016, to initiate a conversation on the relationship of art making and Buddhist practice: Dharma Practice/Art Practice: Perception, Creativity and Transformation.
Thirty-six artists and scholars from various disciplines and traditions gathered to explore historical and textual contexts, creativity, and ethics. Panelists included Stephen Batchelor, Ruth Ozeki, Roshi Pat O’Hara, David McMahan, William Edelglass, Gay Watson, Mirka Knaster, Julie Puttgen and myself. By the end of the symposium one of my sculptures shared the altar with the Buddha, an embodiment of the conversation.
Videos of the presentations can be seen here: https://www.bcbsdharma.org/article/putting-art-making-back-on-the-map-dharma-and-arts-symposium-at-bcbs/

The next arts and dharma event, Practicing Art, Practicing Dharma, took place at the Center this June, 2017, led by Stephen Batchelor and Julie Puttgen. A gathering of artists from many disciplines engaged in individual and collaborative work, shared that work with the group, and gave presentations based on their ongoing work. Artists and artworks appeared throughout the Center in a lively, improvisational, rich exchange.