Cistern, Chesterwood, 2015

CisternThis site-specific sculpture on the grounds of Chesterwood, the summer home and studio of Daniel Chester French, American sculptor of public monuments, is part of a temporary summer exhibition, Boston Sculptors Gallery at Chesterwood.
The piece invests new life into an old, abandoned cistern along the woodland trail on the property. Built of concrete in 1902, it held water pumped up from a spring near the river and then gravity-fed down to the house. My installation of a stainless steel disk at the bottom of the cistern, a copper ring along the rim, plastic netting over the opening, and glass drops hanging from the netting, reflects the nature of water and the passage of time.

Exhibition on view to the public: Saturday, May 23 – Monday, October 12, 2015
Chesterwood, 4 Williamsville Road Stockbridge, MA 01262