Cistern at Chesterwood, September

Cistern, September, 2015My site-specific installation, Cistern, was up through October 12, 2015, when Chesterwood closed for the winter. Cistern has constantly changed since it was installed last May in the cistern French built on his property in 1902 to provide water to his house. The sun, moving on its daily round, cast shifting patterns on the old concrete walls and the stainless steel disk on the cistern floor. The lowering arc of the sun altered the angle it penetrated the cistern. Branches, twigs and leaves caught in the netting, and the mirrored surface of the steel became clouded with pollen, dust, leaves and twigs. These changes reflect the way water is affected by the passage of time and incursions from the surrounding environment, including human use. Cistern pays homage to the seemingly endless capacity of water to absorb our waste and our sorrows.