Night Mind: Forthcoming exhibition at Boston Sculptors Gallery

Night Mind explores the mind-body states sheltered by beds: rest, sleep, dreams, intimacy, sex, illness, birth and death. When we lie down and become horizontal, we enter a different relationship to gravity, reason, imagination, reality–and each other–that is radically different than being vertical. Beds are a sanctuaries for these exposed layers of consciousness, structures to hold the unstructured, containers for the uncontainable.

October 4-November 5, 2017
Boston Sculptors Gallery, 486 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA.
Wednesday through Sunday 12-6 PM

Opening reception Friday October 6, 5-8 PM
A conversation: Space: Physical and Psychological, Friday October 13, 5:30 PM
Second Sunday Concert Sunday October 15, 4:00 PM
Art and Buddhism, talk by the artist, Thursday October 26, 5:30 PM

Port, Wood, rawhide, copper, resin, cloth, rope, plexiglass, 12’ x 6.6’ x 10’

Portal, 2017, Cloth, paper, rawhide, photo foil, 96″ x 67″ x 12″



Molt, 2012, Wood, rawhide, rawhide  144” x 18” x 25”

This new sculpture was recently exhibited at Boston Sculptors Gallery as part of Height, Width, Depth, Time: Boston Sculptors Celebrates 20 Years, and will be shown again at Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke as part of REACH this April.

It was made after decades of looking at paintings and drawings of the Descent from the Cross. This Christian iconography of people lowering Christ’s body from the cross, where he had been crucified, provided artists from the 10th century onward with the potential for dynamic, dramatic configurations of cross, ladders, bodies, and emotions.

The most affecting for me is the version by Rosso Fiorentino, which I saw during a college seminar in Florence; we made a pilgrimage to the hilltown of Volterra to see the large painting where it stood alone in a high room. Its jagged forms, hallucinatory colors and lightning-struck grief left a deep impression on me.

The other imagery that fed into this piece was the memory of waking up in the Grand Canyon one morning to discover that during the night hundreds of cicada nymphs had emerged from the sand, climbed up dried plant stalks and molted, leaving tiny empty shells still clinging to each stalk.

Height, Width, Depth, Time: Boston Sculptors Celebrates 20 Years

As a member of Boston Sculptors Gallery, I participated in the recent exhibition of all thirty-six current members and fourteen alumni, which showcased the diversity and brilliance of Boston Sculptors Gallery in a celebration of twenty years as a venue for contemporary sculpture.

My contribution to the exhibition, Molt, made in 2012 of wood and rawhide, 144” x 18” x 25,” was inspired by Renaissance and Baroque paintings of the Descent from the Cross.