Moving Water

Moving WaterAn art participation project by Sensory Sites
October Gallery, London, UK, June 19-21, 2014

Glass globe

Water is elusive, invisible and protean. Moving Water is a participatory event that offers a bodily, sensory experience of this precious element. Sculptural vessels containing water and giving it shape are made of sensuous materials such as glass, metal, rawhide and ceramic or found-objects such as shell and bone.Participants explore the vessels and the water in them, moving at will around a room filled with sound and light. An intimate, playful exchange emerges in this collective act of attention and empathy that reveals how our bodies are also vessels of water.Water leaks, spills and pours in an unfolding poetic narrative about water qualities, ubiquity, use, and loss.

The event on June 19 is a private view for Rethinking the Senses, an AHRC-funded project of Centre for the Study of the Senses, which brings together neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers to investigate multisensory perception in everyday experiences:
This project is supported by Encounter Fine Arts Press release:

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Ovid’s Girls

Ovid’s Girls
Boston Sculptors Gallery
, Boston, MA
June 25-August 3, 2014
Opening reception June 26, 6-8 PM
Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA
June 6-July 12, 2014


An exhibition of six German and six American women artists showcases sculptures in which materials are metamorphic and integral to the meaning of the work. Organized by independent curator, Anette Schwarz. An exhibition of smaller works by the same artists is also showing at Gallery Kayafas, Boston, June 6-July 12, 2014
Ovid’s Girls was exhibited in another version in two concurrent exhibitions at Kunstverein Tiergarten and Galerie Wichtendahl in Berlin, Germany, April 4-May 3, 2014 and will travel to MEWO Kunsthalle in Memmingen, Germany, Sept-October, 2014





Naturalisme Integral

Naturalisme Integral: Galerie Capazza, Nancay, France
Galerie Capazza in Nançay, France, is now representing my work in photography and presenting a new series of photographs in their opening exhibition, Naturalisme Integral, March 22-June 29, 2014.
Galerie Capazza is a superbly restored 17th century building located in the heart of the Sologne, close to the Loire Valley. In exceptionally beautiful, intimate galleries, they exhibit the works of 80 artists with international reputation, representing contemporary art in a range of disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, glass and ceramics.




Visions/Visiones: Cuzco, Peru, January-February, 2014
The exhibition was in the Qorikancha, the historic center of the Inca empire. The Spanish built the Convent of Santo Domingo above Inca stone temples surrounding a large courtyard. Organized by Boston Sculptors Gallery member Nora Valdez, it showcased sculptures by members of BSG and Peruvian artists in the stunning open-to-the-air gallery. I made Rio, a site-responsive sculpture during the two-week residency in Cuzco.
Rio turned the arch of the Spanish colonial architecture upside-down, reflecting the forced fusion of cultures in Peru and Inca symbolism by sewing white tracing paper to black foil with black string in a lightning pattern. A golden string meanders across the field.
A drawing made of the same materials as the sculpture was part of the concurrent exhibition of drawings by the same group of artists, Transcripts/Transcripciones, at Galeria Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano del Cusco, curated by Jose Luis Morales Sierra.